Evidence maintains to mount of an anti-pizza conspiracy

Last week, we posted a completely affordable query: Are the pizza gods smiting Minneapolis? Consider the subsequent. Last October, two pizzerias—Good Times and Northern Fires—started putting in keep in South. The former has been unable to open because of a series of window smashings (extra on that here). The latter is not coming to town […]

Pizza Perfect

Could it’s that the nice eating place in Sir Bernard Law County is a pizzeria? The solution is sure to pretty much everybody who has been to a chef and proprietor Tony Conte’s Inferno Pizzeria Napoletana in Darnestown. It wasn’t that long ago that we ought to best select from one kind of pizza: New […]

Dragontail Enables Domino’s To Become First Pizza

AI centered food services employer, Dragontail Systems Limited (ASX: DTS) said the of completion of the nationwide rollout of its Artificial Intelligence (AI) exceptional manipulate Camera – the QT for Domino’s Pizza Enterprises (DMP) in extra than 800 stores throughout Australia and New Zealand. According to the announcement, Domino’s Pizza Enterprises (DMP) is the foremost […]

Local cooks to acquire for inaugural Las Vegas Pizza Festival

Las Vegas has developing popularity for the first-rate and form of pizza it gives, however, that now and again escapes folks that live here. “We’ve verified to the out of doors world that this is a good pizza town,” stated John Arena, co-proprietor of Metro Pizza, “however the locals don’t see that.” That’s due to […]

Making Windsor, Ontario a Pizza Destination

Meet Dean Litster, aka Professor Zara, the corporate pizza chef at Armando’s Pizza Bar in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. He got his start folding bins as a fifteen-year-vintage and fast determined his expertise—and passion—for making artisanal pizza. “Once I realized this changed into what I changed into going to do, that’s after I decided, ‘OK, I’m […]

Pizza shipping driving force robbed, shot with BB gun

Rockford Police say the 23-yr-old pizza delivery motive force robbed by means of teens Monday night, become additionally shot several times with a BB gun. The 23-12 months-vintage victim became making a transport while a group, one armed with what gave the impression of a handgun but changed into a BB gun, walked as much […]