Premier Jason Kenney’s newly elected United Conservative Party brought its 2nd bill the previous day, calling it the Open for Business Act.

The NDP right now dubbed Bill 2 the “Pick Your Pockets, Bill,” seeing as its provisions consist of a 13-consistent with-cent pay cut to $thirteen an hour from $15 for college students below 18 and a manner for employers to force their employees to simply accept day off at straight time for extra time worked. The bill also makes it tougher for running people to get excursion pay.

Actually, even though, a better name for Bill 2 might be the “Open for Fast Food Act.”

After all, there wasn’t absolutely lots meat in this unappetizing little burger, and most of the condiments seem to have been designed to please rapid-food agencies.

The rapid-food enterprise became so delighted it despatched Vancouver-primarily based Mark von Schellwitz, Restaurant Canada’s chief Western Canadian lobbyist, to chair the information conference placed on by using Kenney and Labour Minister Jason Copping in an Edmonton barroom. Richard Truscott of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, an organization that is additionally not exactly a friend of the workingman and lady, stood by means of beaming.

From the way the newser become organized, you almost might have concept Restaurants Canada was a department of the Alberta government and von Schellwitz a senior reliable. Then again, perhaps it is a pretty correct description of the manner matters now work in our open-for-commercial enterprise UCP government.

Why pay for authorities legal professionals whilst you could just get industry lobbyists to prepare dinner up-regulation for you?

Hell, if that had been the case in 1944, while Restaurants Canada becomes referred to as the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association, it would not be important for the group to bitch so vociferously approximately high minister William Lyon Mackenzie King letting the fight against Hitler and his Nazis cut into Canadian eating place profits!

Well, that turned into then and that is now. Just the same, Restaurants Canada, one in all a group of corporations with a record of advocating for anti-union laws, ran an active 0.33-party marketing campaign during the run-up to the April 16 election to assist get the UCP elected.

So this may be what is thought in politics as “you scratch my returned and I’ll scratch yours,” or, as Kenney positioned it the day prior to this, “promise made, promise stored.”

Predictably, there were some mischievously anti-union timbits in Bill 2, though not one of them, in reality, outrageous stuff observers had been braced for, like proper-to-paintings rules designed to position unions out of commercial enterprise or restrictions on union sports other than narrowly defined labor relations paintings.

Don’t nod off, even though. Hints were dropped the day prior to this in reaction to reporters’ questions that such adjustments are probably covered in some other spherical of labor regulation in the fall.

Meantime, the invoice restores the requirement for “democratic” certification votes in all union drives, regardless of what number of personnel signal playing cards and consists of provisions for a mysterious government application to guide unionized personnel. Since unions already offer help for maximum matters below the Labour Code, this probably method members who are not glad about the representation they’re getting from unions will have a brand new authorities paperwork to assist them.

Alberta unions ought to haven’t any hassle managing either of those provisions. The first will make organizing a bit more difficult while the employers bend the policies to bully their employees, as regularly occurs, and the second may additionally emerge as an occasional nuisance.

Maybe the UCP can settlement the work out to Restaurants Canada to keep away from being accused of creating extra pink tape!

Well, the Conservative mindset obtrusive yesterday regarded to be no pain, no advantage. Still, they had been careful to make sure the pain is felt by students trying to get via their education and working human beings owed extra time pay, even as the benefit must go into the wallet of overseas corporate speedy-meals executives.

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