It’s the month of Ramzan and the exceptional time to devour some lip-smacking kebabs, tangy tikkas, and aromatic biryanis. Have you begun salivating yet? But you don’t need to travel several kilometers a good way to satiate your longing for true

Mughlai delicacies. Iftar is all about community. About breaking the fast collectively, and sharing scrumptious, conventional meals. Wondering in which to eat haleem and samosas inside the nighttime? This Weekend Star Supplement does the legwork for you.

A gastronomical adventure via outstanding by way of lanes

Ramzan, the month of fasting, piety, and worship is being located via Muslims all around the globe. During this month, devout Muslims adhere to fasting from dawn to sundown and at sundown, they break their speedy with the meal referred to as ‘Iftar’.

After a long day of abstaining from meals, Iftar is like a party and time for gratitude, it’s additionally the time to bond with family and pals. The festive mood of the metropolis is palpable and the foodies are uniting over delicious Iftaar cuisine.

Eateries within the city are upbeat and tossing up special culinary delights. Make-shift food stalls have additionally sprung up and serving delectable snacks. Some of this season’s unique are Hyderabadi Haleem, Kashmiri Faloodas, Arabian Mutton Biryani, and Shahi Tukda. The all-time favorites Kheema Samosas, Khova lassis, and fresh sharbats are having the city folk throughout groups rave over them.

Here’s our spherical up of some of the need to go to places to satiate your cravings.

Khan’s Restaurant

This area wishes no advent. Located at Bamboo Bazaar, it’s miles highly popular for its Biryanis, chicken grill and kebabs. However, in the course of Ramzan, they arrive up with a unique menu. Topping the list is Haleem; this Ramzan Special delicacy is lots fashionable right here and is priced at Rs. 250 for a thousand ml field.

“Haleem is my preferred Iftar meal as it is very nutritious and complete of proteins and also has superb flavor, since it’s available simplest in Ramzan, I make certain to take home Haleem frequently for Iftar,” says Mohammad Ismail who cautiously stacked his haleem packing containers on his scooter.

Desserts like Shahi Tukda that’s priced at Rs. One hundred fifty in keeping with box, Special Faloodas at Rs. 15 in line with a cup, Spring Rolls both vegetarian and non-vegetarian at a rate of Rs. 25 and Rs. 60 respectively, Samosas each vegetarian and non-vegetarian priced at Rs. 20 and Rs. 10 respectively are different favorites at Khan’s.

Etihad Arabian Restaurant

If you want to a dinner party on mouth-watering but pocket-pleasant Arabian meats and dessert treats, then Etihad is a really perfect place to visit. Located in Siddique Nagar, it specializes in Arabian meals. Mohammad Huzaifur Rehman the chef and additionally the owner of the restaurant is certified by using the Yemeni Government.

Speaking to Star Of Mysore, he says, “this yr we’ve brought a special dessert ‘Dil e Firdaus’ which is a mixture of Saffron, Khova, Chironji, Milkmaid and all varieties of nuts which makes a super dessert after Iftar. This dessert is extraordinary with us and is to be had nowhere else in Mysuru.”

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